To our knowledge, Circa 1894 Day Spa is the only facility in the area providing a NIR and FAR Infra-red Sauna experience.

Nestled in the lower level of the three decks, enjoy our outdoor authentic, Amish built, Finnish Sauna (currently, due to covid, available on request only to Spa Suite B&B guests only). With the Finnish Sauna, along with the outdoor (in season) shower, you can experience Thermo-therapy, which consists of hot/cold/relax/repeat/repeat. Each level has ample seating for relaxation. In season, you might also wish to enjoy the fireplace with its beautiful oak mantel, which speaks of yesteryear. The FAR and NIR Infra-red saunas are indoors and available only to Spa Suite B&B Guests on request.

Re: Therapies formerly offered at Circa 1894:

Only Reiki is currently available - masks will be mandatory for both the Reiki Master and the client

Please call or text 613-259-9988 to inquire about availability.

Note that Smoking is not permitted on the premises. 

See below the pics for more info on the facility.

An amazing place and amazing owners. Everything from the tea upon arrival to a wonderful spa experience, delicious dinner & breakfast, comfortable bed and great conversation with Donna & Cam! Can't wait to visit again. Thank you Donna & Cam.       Debbie, Montreal, QC

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Pictured is Saunatec's CarbonFlex cedar corner Sauna (accessible to our Spa SuiteB&B Guests only, on request) with "a 'near-perfect' wavelength of 8.4 to 9.4 microns (well within the human body's Vital Range of 7 to 14 microns)." This optimal wavelength provides for deeper penetration of FAR Infra-red heat, which goes 1 1/2 to 2" deep to help release toxins, including heavy metals and environmental chemicals; enhance detoxification; increase cardiovascular conditioning and provide relief from muscle and joint aches and pains.

Enjoy the best things to see in Lanark with a plan including Circa 1894 Spa

Circa 1894's three levels of decking is available to Spa Suite/Apartment guests for sitting out and enjoying the sun or sharing a meal. On the lower level is a beautiful, rustic Finnish Sauna and our outdoor shower. Enjoy the mini nordik thermotherapy  (hot, cold, relax, repeat, repeat) experience, which is said to accelerate the healing process and promote relaxation. Note that the tub is currently closed for Covid safety reasons.

Circa 1894 B&B, Circa 1894 Day Spa, Circa 1894 Spa Lanark Ontario, Lanark Ontario B&B, Bed and Breakfast Lanark Ontario

Our SaunaRay sauna (pictured above and accessible to Spa Suite B&B guests only,on request) has being overhauled, to add NIR (NEAR) Infra-red sessions to our offerings. It is built with basswood for clients with a sensitivity to cedar and is used worldwide by medical doctors, naturopathic doctors, dentists, chiropactors and massage therapists. As well, firefighters and hockey teams use SaunaRay. Intentionally made toxin free,  "SaunaRay is a true medical sauna.  It has helped some of my patients  get over long term chronic pain where other methods have not worked."   Quote fromDr. Zoltan Rona, MD, Medical Editor of The Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine.  (